Dana Drummond climbing Tourist Treat on Cathedral Ledge, photo by Jim Surette.

Friends of the Ledges


Friends of the Ledges is a volunteer organization dedicated to the stewardship of local climbing areas and to preserving the historical tradition of climbing in the eastern White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine.


  • Serve as a liaison between the climbing community and landowners/land managers, including the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation and the U.S. Forest Service.
  • Preserve the unique character of the different climbing areas in this region (see Jerry Handren's North Conway Rock Climbs for definition of the focus area).
  • Maintain these climbing areas with minimal infrastructure and impact.
  • Convene community-wide conversations about climbing-related issues and concerns when needed.

Land Acknowledgment

The eastern White Mountains are the ancestral homelands of the Abenaki people, who have ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this area. We acknowledge the land and the people who have stewarded it through the generations. Please see additional information and perspectives here: https://indigenousnh.com/land-acknowledgement/

We strive to be good stewards to the cliffs that offer so much to our community, near and far. As a part of this effort we acknowledge the ongoing need to work towards a more just reality. We recognize that systemic oppression exists, and that the effects of this oppression continue within our community and at our climbing areas. We are committed to doing our part to dismantle systems that facilitate racism, homophobia, sexism, and other forms of bigotry and discrimination. We recognize and strive to support all those fighting for justice and equity.  Although our mission is in part to preserve the history and style of New Hampshire climbing as we see it, that shouldn’t come at the cost of creating or perpetuating barriers for others. We believe that all climbers should feel welcomed at the ledges, and we strive to assist our community in the removing of barriers and the creation of a safe space for all. We endeavor to be an inclusive organization, and to work towards inclusivity in our individual roles as board members, volunteers, and climbers. We also acknowledge that we are still learning - as a part of this mission we welcome new perspectives and feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Photo: Dana Drummond climbing Tourist Treat on Cathedral Ledge, photo by Jim Surette.