Cathedral clean up, Spring 2016.

Projects & Events

Annual Spring Stewardship Day at Cathedral and Whitehorse:

  • trail work
  • trash pick-up after the snow melts (and hopefully before the black flies)
  • every May/June

Bolt Replacement Initiative (check out the full page to see a route list and submit an observation):

  • 1:1 anchor bolt replacement following best practices
  • led by Sam Bendroth, Bayard Russell, and Kurt Winkler
  • to get involved, please email

Adopt-a-Crag at Cathedral Ledge


  • Saturday, Sept. 23
  • 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • The North End area at Cathedral Ledge, North Conway, NH
  • Bring work gloves & lunch — we'll provide tools & equipment.

The expert trail builders from the Access Fund are spending time at Cathedral Ledge and they need our help!

The main event will be Saturday, September 23 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. We are seeking a group of volunteers to join the Access Fund's Conservation Teams and help complete a project to shore up the eroding slopes at the North End area of Cathedral Ledge. This will continue the efforts that began last year near the base of They Died Laughing. If you can't join us on Sept. 23 or if you're just itching to get started, we also need volunteers to help ASAP. And if you happen to be climbing in the area and have an hour or two to spare, please stop by. Between now and Sept. 23, rain or shine, the Access Fund Conservation Teams will be working at the North End most days.

Thank you to the Access Fund and Sterling Rope for supporting this project.

For more information, please email Mike Morin from the Access Fund or Sarah Garlick from Friends of the Ledges.

Photo: Spring 2016 clean up at Cathedral Ledge.